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Video game localization

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Video Game Localization Services

With the advancements in tech and, more recently, metaverse – the gaming industry has received a significant boost in market share and is expanding exponentially. To stay at the forefront and get more people to play your game, you need to offer the best game localization experience. Sovereign Translations can help make your computer game or video game more engaging and appealing to the German and English gamers, who make up a large percentage of the gaming target market worldwide.
With my video game localization services, your game will impact with comprehensive language that your audience will understand. I’ll make sure that all text on your game is accurately translated from German to English or English to the German language. Quality game localization ensures your audience gets the best gaming experience through straightforward and highly comprehensive texts and transcriptions that retain the original message. Players are more likely to continue playing your game if they feel like it was made for them and that is what localization will do for you.

Video game programmers should factor in a professional gaming translation during development.

Comprehensive In-game Translation

Sovereign Translations offers a complete package of game text translation services to meet your game localization and multimedia enhancement needs. Whether you need game UI localization or translation of subtitles, and captions within the game, I can help ensure your game communicates in the language your audience will understand.
I have a strong portfolio of localized gaming applications and my track record of success speaks for itself. As a professional game translator for German and English applications, I will carefully study your game and translate it in a manner that appeals to your target audiences.
With expert localization service for video games, you can make your game more interesting across all platforms, including PC, mobile, online games and consoles. I’m a seasoned game translator who understands the intricacies of video game translation and can deliver an outstanding localized version of your game for the best experience.

A game translation increases success and gaming enjoyment for the intended target audience.

Game Material Translation

Video game localization goes beyond just translating the in-app texts; you need to also ensure that all text materials related to the game are written in the language your audience will understand. Sovereign Translations offers game user manual translation, legal documentation translation, and game marketing materials and websites to serve the local audience in Germany or English-speaking countries worldwide.
Sovereign Translations is known for fast and reliable video game translation service, and I go above and beyond to ensure my clients are 100% satisfied. Working with me means you can relax and focus on your game development knowing every text relating to it will be localized correctly. Getting it right from the start matters in the gaming market. To get the best welcome, it’s vital to have your game localized before you consider targeting the local German market.
Although I don’t handle the coding and voice-acting aspects of the game, I can also help you make sure all text and scripts sound culturally and natively correct, considering all the nuances that affect the language.
More so, with game document translation and translation of other relevant texts, you can scale through compliance tests and meet quality assurance requirements in the countries where your target audience resides.

A video game programmer is happy to receive a professional gaming translation from Sovereign Translations on his laptop.

Connect With More Gamers Internationally

Everyone likes it when a game feels like it speaks to them personally and relates to their cultural references. You need an outstanding game translator like me who has over two decades of gaming experience. I’ll help you expand your international reach with a video game localization service that communicates your games’ real value to your audience. I can guarantee on-time delivery of localized texts as agreed to help you and your game achieve global objectives.
Game localization by Sovereign Translations simply extends the market reach of your video game, helping you get more downloads, purchases, and users in Germany and English-speaking countries. The game’s dates, times, currency, and other intricacies will also be carefully translated to the native language.
I handle a wide variety of video games and computer games translation, including:

  • Adventure
  • Beat ’em ups
  • First-person and third-person shooters
  • Fighting games
  • Fitness games
  • Flight simulations
  • Jump-‘n’-runs
  • Educational games
  • Mobile Games
  • Music and dance games
  • Open World Games
  • Puzzle and riddle games
  • Role-playing games
  • Simulation games
  • Strategy and tactics games
  • Sports Games
  • Visual novels


With the help of a gaming translation, you can reach an international audience.

Let’s Start Your Video Game Localization Project Today

It’s not always easy to find an experienced gamer who can localize your computer game or video game to make it comprehensive for the local market. However, with Sovereign Translations, you can rest assured that the tone, feel, and entire text in your game will be translated accurately to meet your needs.
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