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App localization / Software translation

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Professional App Localization Service

As the world continues to digitize, app localization is inevitable for developers and software owners looking to reach a global audience. With the best app or software localization service, you can significantly improve your software’s ranking, downloads, review, and generate more revenue.
Sovereign Translations provides reliable German app localization services to meet the needs of app owners who are looking to serve English-speaking audiences. In addition, I also offer English app translation services to localize English applications for German audiences.
An effective mobile app localization service can help you go global. Using my German-English translation service, you can increase your app’s ROI, improve user experience, and reach more German or English-speaking users. Do you think your app will be successful in the German market or other English-speaking countries? Sovereign Translation can help you succeed in the language aspect.

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App Localization Done Right

Users spend over 2 hours daily using one or more of over 5 million apps available on iOS and Android. With over 20% of the world’s population speaking or understanding English, localizing your app will help you reach more users. More so, using my mobile software localization service can augment your customer retention and engagement efforts.
As a professional translator with extensive app translation experience, I strive to provide the best localization service to meet clients’ needs, considering their target audience and brand voice.
The translation option is often the most sought-after feature in apps. Adapting your application to the local language is essential, if not the critical aspect of your software project.
Sovereign Translations is a trusted in the app localization field, making fast and accurate app localization services available to mobile app owners. I can localize your app description, keywords, and in-app content to help you gain more visibility. As a result, you can expect a high-quality translation that communicates exactly the same message as the original language.

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Expert Software Translator You Can Rely On

With the rapid adoption of mobile applications worldwide and the increasing need for businesses to leverage apps for growth, localization is an innovative way of getting the best from your app. App localization will make your interface and software functionality suited for the international market to help you drive revenue and reach objectives.
Localizing your app’s UI isn’t enough; to further improve user experience, I’ll translate every content that relates to your app, including your website, descriptions, title, update pages, and more.
Although I don’t work with application codes to avoid errors, I go the extra mile to ensure the text you provide for localization is accurately translated to English or German. I’ll translate your app’s text without changing the original intent while making it look like it was initially created for your target language. My mobile app localization services will significantly open up your app to millions of potential users. To get your software the best attention it deserves, fill out the contact form and send me a file containing your software localization project along with the requirements. You’ll receive a reasonable quote for my translation service as soon as possible.

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Improve Your App User Experience

Mobile device users interact more with apps than browsers. Furthermore, a better percentage of apps get deleted minutes after being downloaded due to poor user experience. Using my iOS and Android app localization service will help yours not to wind up among deleted apps. With accurate software localization, you can improve your app’s value and interact better with your target users.
The Google play store and the iOS app store understand the importance of localization. That is why they provide options for it. Localization significantly enhances readability and discoverability.
Using the German- English app localization service of Sovereign Translations will quickly help your target audience find your app.
Leverage the global app boom by localizing your software assets in German or English language. The global trend of app usage isn’t slowing down, and the best apps are usually adapted to the native language of the target audience.

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Sovereign Translations makes app localization processes fast and efficient. I have great experience in localizing apps for clients from diverse sectors. To get started, fill out and submit the contact form below, along with a file containing your project’s requirements. You will get a response with a reasonable app localization quote in no time.

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