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Non-fiction Book Translation

As a freelance translator, I have already completed

over 126 Non-fiction Book Translations.

Professional Non-fiction Book Translation

Make your book accessible to German and English readers with the services of Sovereign Translations. With Non-fiction book translation, your words will be accessible to people seeking the knowledge and impact millions of readers who understand either English or German. My book translation service is designed to help you convey the essence of your non-fiction work to readers in the languages they understand. You stand to gain more readership, more book publishing, and better connection with the native readers. My nonfiction translation service is an end-to-end solution for both digital and print versions of your book.
By getting your book translated, you’re improving its discoverability and reaching more audiences. As an experienced translator, I understand the creativity and writing prowess required in book translation and possess the language sensitivity to ensure that translated versions of your work reflect the original copy. Get in touch with me today to start your translation.

A non-fiction and textbook translation helps you convey the essentials to readers

Expert Book Translator you can Rely on

As a professional translator with subject matter expertise, I can help you incorporate the language and cultural nuances into your non-fiction translations to make your book relevant to local audiences. Unless otherwise instructed, I’ll make sure your book retains the same format and quality as the original text to make sure it meets your translation requirements.
As with every other translation service, I know that book and eBook translation needs a translator with great attention to detail who is able to effectively communicate the words in the target language. Getting your English or German readers fully engaged with the book is your goal, and I can help you achieve it.
Being a specialist in literary translation, I translate German books to English and translate English books to German without losing the uniqueness of the original text to ensure the book chimes with the new target audience.

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Quality Digital and Print Book Translation

Whether it’s a children’s educational literature or a business book, quality translation service by Sovereign Translations will ensure the best results. I know exactly how to communicate in both English and German in such a way that’ll make readers respond positively to your work and stir conversions around it. No matter what industry your book or eBook is based in, I can perfectly translate it to your desired language. I’ve successfully completed translation projects for clients in the technology, education, philosophy, sports, history, cryptocurrency fields, and lots more.
My full range of non-fiction book translation fields is listed below.

  • Work, profession, economy
  • Biographies
  • Computers, computer science, internet
  • Fitness, Health, Medicine, Life support
  • Leisure and Hobby
  • History
  • Art, photography, graphics, music, film
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Food (recipe books)
  • Pedagogy / Education
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology


Sovereign Translations offers non-fiction and technical book translation for various genres

Book Translation Service for Publishers

To get the best sales and maximum ROI from your books, you need to make sure it is localized in the language of your desired target audience. Statistics show that a better percentage of readers prefer content written in their native language as it gives them more comprehension of what they’re reading. When it’s time to reach your audience in Germany or English-speaking countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, among others, you can rely on Sovereign Translations to do an outstanding job. I understand that book translation isn’t just about converting texts; it’s about writing with cultural and background experience in the language. Missing nuances can cause a major disconnect in comprehension. That is why you need an expert linguist like me who has vast experience in book and publishing translation.
I offer a book and eBook translation service that is bespoke, affordable, and exceed clients’ quality and exactness expectations.

Publishers benefit from the professional non-fiction and technical book  translations provided by my translation agency

Let’s Talk About Your Book Translation Project Today!

It’s not always easy to find a German and English translator who can professionally translate long reads like non-fiction books into either language. With Sovereign Translations, you can rest assured that the tone, essence, and message in your book will be communicated.
To get started, simply fill out the contact form below and send me a digital copy of the book, and I’ll get back to you shortly with a quote for the service.

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