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Scientific Translation

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Scientific Translation for the scientific field

Sovereign Translations translates texts within the natural and formal science fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, and more. Scientific translations are one of my main specializations, which require in-depth knowledge of different scientific fields. With my experience and scientific expertise, I provide native translation of German scientific text to English and English scientific texts to German. As a specialist who has studied chemistry with extensive scientific translation experience, I work with unique precision and attention to detail. I stay updated with new scientific terminologies and consider the acronyms, abbreviations, units, and formulas according to your glossary in order to translate your scientific texts to English or German.
Translating texts in this broad field means understanding the terminologies, specialized abbreviations, and concepts. To produce quality scientific translations with 100% accuracy, I’ve built subject matter expertise during my studies to understand and translate scientific content perfectly. So get in touch with me today to start your scientific content translation.

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Professional Scientific Translation Service

As a professional freelance translator and a chemist, I translate native German scientific documents, articles, and texts to English. I also assist English-speaking science professionals in translating their content to German to appeal to the native audience. My mandate is to provide comprehensive and accurate translations that mirror the same message as the original text. I collaborate with clients to get in-depth information about their requirements and incorporate feedback into the work to ensure they are completely satisfied with the outcome. I also work with individually created glossaries to ensure consistency in scientific terminologies and vocabularies during the translation process.
Scientific translations are the most effective way to spread the message about your research or the progress you’ve made in a scientific project. You can trust Sovereign Translations to help you communicate your findings and scientific advances to your German and English audience.

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Scientific Paper Translations

Most scientific papers are written in English, but it has become more imperative to translate scientific texts to German and other common languages. In this regard, scientific paper translation remains one of my most common deliverables in this field. As an exceptional scientific translator, I strive to provide the best service at excellent rates to ensure my clients get real value for money. In addition, I can provide professional translation for scientific institutions, science students, scientific websites, and other groups that require formal translation of their science content.
Science content is among the most challenging subjects to translate. Still, with the help of an expert scientific translator and a studied chemist like myself at your service, you can rest assured that you’ll get an accurate translation. So whether you need medical translations, analytical content translations, or translation of scientific books, articles, presentations, and thesis, Sovereign Translations is here to help.

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Scientific Document Translation

Scientific texts explain complex information using subject matter-specific terminologies. My translation precision can be reflected in the style and accuracy of the final content, which is always the same as the original content. Sovereign Translations is here to help whenever you need a professional, scientific document translation. I have experience translating content in several science fields, including biotechnology, chemistry, biochemistry, health, pharmaceuticals, physics, and more. Before commencing any scientific document translation, I extensively research the terminologies needed in the context of the project.
In all cases, I collaborate with clients to learn more about their requirements to tailor my services to meet their needs. To enable a broader audience to access your scientific knowledge, I make sure the translated scientific document reflects the primary source of the content. For example, suppose you’re a German researcher who would like to publish research papers in an American journal. In that case, I can guarantee a well-translated text that English readers will appreciate.
At Sovereign Translations, my mission is to make high-quality translation services affordable to clients from diverse scientific fields. So get in touch with me today to start your scientific translation project.

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