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Technical translation

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  1. What does technology mean?
  2. What falls under the category of a technical translation?
  3. What needs to be considered for a professional technical translation?
  4. The Sovereign Approach/Way/Method
  5. You need a technical translation?

1. What does technology mean?


The term technology has changed again and again over the centuries. While the ancient Greeks understood this to mean a systematic treatment of grammar and rhetoric, in more recent times, meanings such as “the teaching of crafts,” “the science of technology” or “technical know-how” predominated. Technology is scientific and technical knowledge that is decisive for products and production processes.


The technology sector is made up of companies that are totally dedicated to the development and application of new innovative technologies. Its sales are primarily based on newly developed products and processes. There are few industries where more money is spent on research and development.


One area of technology is an information technology (IT). It serves as a bridge between us humans and the machines by using hardware and software to manage technical data of any kind.


Another field of technology would be telecommunications. Nowadays, this refers to the transmission of information mainly via cable or radio. These include, for example, e-mails, SMS, mobile telephony, and the like. And since telecommunications are proceeding at high speed, it is one of the essential prerequisites for new technical achievements and our current economic system.


The so-called cryptocurrencies represent a relatively young technology. They are digital means of payment with cryptographic tools such as blockchains and digital signatures as a basis. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be publicly traded in 2009.

2. What falls under the category of technical translation?


  • Professional articles and journals
  • IT documentation
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Marketing texts
  • Multimedia
  • Product information
  • Training documents
  • Software and hardware
  • Telecommunications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Contracts


Your subject is not listed? No problem! Just get in touch with me.

3. What must be taken into account for a professional technical translation?


Because technology is short-lived and continually changing, translators in the technology industry need to have the necessary expertise in this field and be able to deal with you on an ongoing basis. The texts to be translated must be recorded correctly in terms of content and then translated appropriately into the respective target language. Since technical documents only serve to convey information, an accurate reproduction of the material is of primary importance in a professional translation.

4. The Sovereign Method


As your contact for German and English translations of technology and engineering topics, I use terms that are used within the industry. This means that I compare technical terms with the leading translation databases in the industry. In this way, I can guarantee a translation that is factually correct and reflects the described contents. I also pay meticulous attention to the proper use of formula symbols, indices, and units. This also includes, for example, the conversion of units from the imperial to the metric system as well as currency conversions, if desired by you.


Also, I will thoroughly check your translation several times before delivery for quality assurance purposes.


In addition to the correctness of the technical translation, I also attach great importance to the comprehensibility of the translated texts. This ensures that the reader can accurately use them.

5. You need a technical translation?


You can easily order your professional technical translation online: Simply fill out the contact form, upload the document to be translated, and within a few hours, you will receive my non-binding offer by e-mail. If your topic is not listed, please write this in the field “Your message.”

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