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  1. What is the term learning material?
  2. What is meant by learning material translation?
  3. What needs to be considered for a professional learning material translation?
  4. The Sovereign Approach/Way/Method
  5. Sie benötigen eine Lernmaterial-Übersetzung?

1. What is the term learning material?


The term “learning material” refers to materials required by pupils or students to participate in school lessons, courses, lectures, or seminars. These include physical media such as textbooks, exercise sheets, worksheets, or examination sheets, but also presentations and interactive media such as teaching software.

2. What is meant by learning material translation?


  • Worksheets
  • Online courses and exercises
  • Presentations
  • Textbooks
  • Teaching software


Your learning material is not listed? No problem! Just get in touch with me.

3. What needs to be considered for a professional learning material translation?


When translating learning materials, it is not only essential to have a command of two languages, but also to translate the contents clearly and precisely so that the content of the teaching material, including the subtleties, is not lost. Poor translations can lead to misunderstandings among the target group, making the information to be learned challenging to process. For this reason, a literal translation is not used in the translation of learning materials if this would reduce the quality.

4. The Sovereign Method


As your contact for German and English translations of learning materials, I use terms that are used within the industry. This means that I compare technical terms with the leading translation databases in the industry. This way, I can guarantee a translation that reflects the subject matter word for word and meets your requirements.


Also, I will thoroughly check your translation several times before delivery for quality assurance purposes.


Apart from the correctness of the learning material translation, I also attach great importance to the comprehensibility of the translated texts. This ensures that the learner can correctly use the materials to expand or test knowledge.

5. Are you in need of a learning material translation?


You can easily order your professional learning material translation online: Simply fill out the contact form, upload the document to be translated, and within a few hours, you will receive my non-binding offer by e-mail. If your topic is not listed, please write this in the field “Your message.”

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